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Together we can create something greater. 

Work Together With Us

How Can We Work Together?

Delisari Kitchen

With our great kitchen facilities, Delisari is always prepared to organize training, cooking events or product development together with you and our professional team.

Menu Development

Our professional team is always ready to collaborate with you in creating new menus to cater for your needs.

Product Sample & Price Request

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with us. Our customer service will be happy to answer your requests.


Delisari is always open for any possibilities and any sorts of partnership and collaboration together.

Services Excellence

Your satisfaction is our goal. Not just a distributor, but Delisari can provide consultations regarding our products and brands.

Event & Demo

Communication is key. With great communication and keeping a great network we will understand more of your needs and demands.


Need pastry ingredients , frozen fies , butter, premixes or any other fresh products in high quality and quantity?
Contact us – We’ve got you covered!

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